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Our terms and conditions

We are Prudent Plus Limited and our office address is Booths Park, Chelford Rd, Knutsford WA16 8GS, United Kingdom.

Creating a set of terms and conditions does not come naturally to us since we like to welcome any and all people to our website. However, spelling out the terms under which a visitor can use our website is necessary in these still early days of the Internet, so these are our own set of rules which, unfortunately, must be followed by every visitor to this site. By continuing to browse the contents of this site, you agree to be bound by every one of these terms and conditions, and if you do not accept any single one your right to use this site is withdrawn, and we must ask you to leave immediately. We are genuinely sorry about that!

Purpose of our site

This website is designed to give information about short-term car insurance in the United Kingdom; it's uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

Accuracy of information

We make every reasonable effort to make sure that all the facts on this website are accurate. However, we cannot guarantee this, particularly since individual companies can change their products or policies at short notice. We cannot therefore make any guarantee whatsoever that any information on this site it is correct, and if you decide to buy any type of insurance policy, or make commitments of any sort, after visiting our website, you must read through all the documentation on the website of the company which issues the policy and decide from that, rather than any thing written on this site, whether or not you should purchase a policy.


This is a UK website and designed for UK visitors. Most of the information on this site will be either irrelevant or incorrect in any other country than the UK. If you do not come from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, or if you are not intending to buy short-term insurance to drive a car in any of those regions, this site is not the right one forand so you should find one located in your own country.


The copyright to everything on this site, including the text and images, is held by Prudent Plus Limited. If you wish to reproduce any part of this site, apart from a digital copy for your own personal use on your own computer, you should apply in writing to this company using the address above.

Commercial use

This is a website designed to be used by individuals only, and not businesses. If you wish to use it for any business purpose whatsoever please get in touch with us.

Website abuse

You must not make any attempt whatsoever to break into this website in order to alter it in any way. We will take the strongest possible legal measures against any person who attempts to do this.

Linking to our website

We welcome links from other websites, provided that the visitors to these other websites are likely to be interested in our site.

Links from our website

Our site contains hyperlinks to other businesses. These are businesses that we believe may be of interest to our visitors. We must stress that we have no control over these websites, and we cannot therefore accept any responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that may occur as a result of any dealings you may have with the owners of these websites. You agree that in the event of a dispute with any company or website that we link to, you will not make any attempt to involve the owners of this website in that dispute.

Contamination of our website

We, and the companies that host our website, make all reasonable efforts to make sure that the site is secure at all times. Unfortunately there are innumerable persons using freely available programs in order to attempt to break into websites. Some of these people introduce malicious codes which can infect, with viruses, Trojans etc, the computers of visitors to the infected sites. We cannot guarantee that our site will be free of such misuse and so you agree that you will not hold us responsible in any way for any problems involving one or more computers, laptops, mobile phones or other Internet connected devices that you use to visit our site.

As a matter of policy you should make sure that you have effective anti-viral software installed on your computer, and that it is kept up-to-date, before visiting any website at all.

Altered information on our site

There have been instances of malicious persons breaking into even some of the best protected websites on the Internet in order to place false information on them. Often this false information is placed in order to assist in committing fraud. You agree that you will not hold us responsible for any such fraudulent activity which occurs on our site, and that you'll inform us immediately if you have any suspicions that it is being attempted.

Our liabilities

Given that the information on our website may be inaccurate or out of date, that the Internet is an insecure medium with numerous ways in which information you send and retrieve from sites can be intercepted, and that information on websites can be altered without the knowledge of the website owner, you agree that you will not hold us liable in any way shape or form for any mishaps, costs, inconveniences or any other negative issues that you may suffer as a result of visiting this site.

To conclude

It is essential that you accept all the above terms and conditions in their entirety. By continuing to use this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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